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FAF(tm) Technology Set to Revolutionize Slot Online Casino Software Industry

New York, NY, April 27, 1999…Gamelux, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Gamelux Internet FAF(tm) Casino System version 2.0. The system is browser based and uses Macromedia Shockwave(tm), enabling seamless delivery of animation and sounds without cumbersome downloads.


Gamelux Internet FAF(tm) Casino System version 2.0, (GICS v2.0), provides streamlined entry to the web site by minimizing log-in pages and/or fill-in forms. A first time visitor will be playing for cash in less than two minutes from the time they enter the site.


GICS v2.0 is currently being used exclusively at Anime Casino, which is located at http://www.animecasino.com. Anime Casino features original anime style graphics and ambience, representative of the dark, futuristic Japanese animation style that is currently gaining tremendous popularity worldwide. Players at Anime Casino can choose from Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Progressive Slots and Video Poker, with new games being deployed shortly. All games follow standard Las Vegas Rules. The machines and tables on the site have a futuristic metal style, and the stops in the slot machine feature anime-style graphic characters. Additionally, Anime boasts live, fast chip action, original card designs and realistic sounds.


“Our slot machines feature the unique Fast Progressive(tm) setup, which pays out great jackpots more frequently than the standard progressives found at competing judi slot  casino sites,” said Christopher Gierlich, Gamelux Executive Director, Product Development. “Players love it because they know they could win the progressive with only a few casino visits.”


The casino software is designed for the Unix operating system and uses completely standard server software and sql database, providing “mission critical” performance. The company reports that installations of GICS v1.0, continue to operate flawlessly and without interruption after more than ten months of continuous action. The Gamelux System has been Shockwave since v1.0, which debuted over a year ago. V1.0 was the first full for-cash casino system using Shockwave in the world.


Additional capabilities of GICS v2.0 include a universal messaging module allowing system-wide messages and broadcasts to all players who are using the casino in real-time. Automated messages describe recent wins or announcements throughout the day.


Shockwave based multi-player chat features and streaming advertising banners shown at scheduled times in planned sequences are also available. The display of different ad banners occurs in real time without forcing the player to have to leave and reload the page. As many as 6000 unique banners can be streamed in to any single game page in the course of a day.


Gierlich added, “We’ve put enormous effort into creating a system that is truly state-of-the-art, secure, easy to install and maintain, fast as heck for players, and most important to casino operators – a system that does not pose the compatibility issues for players or casino operators that occur with other browser based software.”


Most Internet casino systems utilize full applications that players must download and install before they can access the games. This can take over an hour using a modem. “Most Gamelux casino games are less than 200 Kilobytes of information in the browser and are transferred without downloads in less than one minute,” stated Gierlich. “The speed of the server side calculations are so fast they are not even measurable. The client/server communications require almost no bandwidth since the data transfer occurs in under 100 bytes. This is less than sending a photograph the size of the head of a pin.”


The prevalent browser based casino software is Java. Java reliability has been shown to be poor across different kinds of computers. Gamelux engineers rejected Java as the display technology due to many security holes and frequent crashes experienced by Players. The Gamelux Internet Casino System can use Java should the technology be improved.


Drew Wohl, Executive Director, Business Development for Gamelux stated, “We are currently finalizing additional site installations. Gamelux, Inc. will continue to capture the interest of the Internet gaming community worldwide. There is no question that we’ve built the most flexible and powerful browser based gaming platform to date. The attention we’ve received in such a short period of time is phenomenal, and, it continues to grow. It’s reinforcing our feeling that this new software will change the industry as it exists today.”


Gamelux, Inc, will be undertaking a marketing blitz in the coming weeks, demonstrating its new GICS v2.0 to perspective operators worldwide. Wohl added, “Existing operators can also enjoy the benefits of GICS v2.0. Our system can be tied in to any existing back-end financial software, providing the operator with the ability to supplement their established download software, or inconsistent browser based programs, with this stable and consistent product. GICS v2.0 can even utilize existing graphics. A Casino regular will only notice that you games are 10 times faster and no longer crash!”



Gamelux, Inc, a New York corporation, creates both gaming and e-commerce applications for the Internet. Gamelux owns and markets the proprietary Gamelux Internet Casino System. GICS is a software package allowing fast and easy set up of Internet Casino systems anywhere in the world where such a system is licensed and legal. Gamelux does not manage Internet gaming sites and does not accept wagers from players on the Internet.


For more information on the Gamelux Internet Casino System v2.0, or other Gamelux products, call Drew Wohl at (914) 359-5686, or E-mail Drew at dwohl@gemlux.com. Christopher Gierlich can also be reached via E-mail at chris@gamelux.com. The experience GICS v2.0 in action, visit Anime Casino at http://www.animecasino.com.